2011 Ford Taurus specs

Ford Taurus specs 2011 The progress of a world in the field of the automotive industry is considered a lot compared to previous years, due to the presence of interesting cars and modern models that are characterized by their strength and amazing design, they have reached a great speed and the power of very strong cars, and the power of the engines is approximately 400 horsepower and so on, and from those advanced companies in the world of cars The American company Ford, which is distinguished by its strong and durable cars on various roads, and for this reason we will explain, but today, about one of the cars manufactured by Ford, which is the 2011 Ford Taurus, follow us

American Ford Motor Company

The company known as Ford is an American company of various nationalities. It was established to work in the production of cars and keep abreast of recent developments in vehicles within the American markets and markets across the country. The company dates back to the founder Henry Ford in Dearborn, which is still the original company headquarters in that The city, and Ford is considered one of the major companies in the world of cars, and the sale of the company’s capabilities during the year 2005 amounted to 78 billion US dollars, which pushed it to development and progress in the world of cars.

2011 Ford Taurus

2011 Ford Taurus specs

People always ask before buying any car about the most important characteristics and advantages that this car contains over others, and therefore we will get to know the Ford Taurus 2011 in the following:

The Ford Taurus 2011 is a vehicle with perfect dimensions inside and out.
The vehicle has an engine power of up to 263 hp and up to 365 hp.
The vehicle is characterized by engine torque, which ranges from 337 to 474 Newton per meter.
The vehicle speed reaches 213 km.
The vehicle accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per second.
The vehicle has an automatic transmission with 6 movements.

Features of the Ford Taurus 2011

There are many features that the Ford Taurus 2011 includes, which make it distinct from other cars, as follows:

The car has a separate suspension feature between the wheels, each wheel separately.
The Ford Taurus 2011 features a feature that relates to cruise control, which works according to forward speed.
Blind spot monitoring feature, which is placed on the side mirrors.
The vehicle contains a MyKey system, which works to support the owner in the process of adjusting the settings related to the vehicle speed and the audio device.

The Ford Taurus 2011 features an air check feature inside the wheels and a rear view camera.
It has an anti-slip feature that works electronically.
The Ford Taurus 2011 has a warning feature in the event of an accident next to it, with an electronic flashlight.
The car has airbags that include all passengers in the event of a traffic accident, which prompts them to protect all passengers.
It has headlights from the front and back of the LED system, and it contains a lighting system in fog conditions.
The cabin of the vehicle contains sound insulation and a self-heating system.

Through the previous points, we explained to you the most important information related to one of the cars produced by the American company Ford, which was manufactured since 2011, and we got acquainted with the features and specifications of the Ford Taurus 2011, and the prices of the Ford Taurus 2011.